Of Fears and Finding Time to Sit Down and Write

Credit: Me, Kitty Alarm Clock courtesy of ebay.com

It has been a while I am sorry to say since I wrote a blog post. Why, you may ask? Well, now that I am home and been trying to figure things out, I now have more time to integrate specific times to write without interruption.

It hasn’t gone smoothly.

As many college students know, there are all-nighters and I unfortunately became one of them during my third year of college. Plus, this year’s daylight savings time messed up my sleeping patterns and I either couldn’t fall asleep or overslept and hit snooze on my alarm. This will sound absolutely silly, but my other alarm clock had me waking up to beeping, and I hated it. Hit snooze every time and ended up waking up more than an hour later when I wanted to sleep for five more minutes. Not anymore!

The pic above shows my latest clock: instead of beeping, I wake up to meowing kittens 😀 Today was my first attempt waking up at 9 am to this clock. It was a success. Was out of bed and awake without a second thought. Also doesn’t hurt to go to bed at a decent time!

Waking up at a decent time was part of my problem, however. I took time to read through chapter 4 of Jordan Rosenfeld’s A Writer’s Guide to Persistence (a book I mentioned in a previous post) and one of the exercises discussed making a list of your activities or distractions during the day. I decided to give it a try to see what I uncovered.

I was quite embarrassed at the results. Too much time on my tablet playing games and watching a little too much TV, especially when it involved reruns of favorite shows. The exercise suggested to take out two distractions and substitute them for writing instead. After figuring out what time blocks best fit my schedule, I checked them off. Thus the struggle the last couple of days. Sleep and waking times were out of control.

I wrote today before lunch, and it felt good 🙂 it’s a step. I guess writing this tonight counts, but I want to do more concrete writing. Short stories, work on that novel or novella.

That is my next step. Conquer fear while I’m sitting at my desk where I can write and listen to my music. I also silence my phone now so I won’t be distracted by text messages. They can wait.

I read a post from Writer’s Relief about inspiring quotes from 14 authors, and one of them stood out to me. From Anton Chekhov:

“Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the girl of light on broken glass.”

I’m not sure why it stood out to me. But, it did. I thought of myself: exposing the vulnerability of my craft in a work. Don’t just describe, show it.

To write, I have to conquer fear and be vulnerable.

Wish me luck and good luck to my fellow writers out there.

How do you balance your time between writing and life? What has helped you? What didn’t and what did you learn? How did you fix the issue? Share your comments below!

Writer’s Relief: 14 Authors Share Their Writing Wisdom


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