Dear English Major Post

Passing along a post on Dear English Major that went live today!! Thank you Dear English Major and founder Alyssa Christensen for the opportunity to share my experiences as an English major!!

Titled Why I Don’t Regret Being an English Major, I share my experiences, journey and lessons learned with my major in the last few years. I hope and pray this post inspires my fellow writers out there and also those majoring in the humanities (besides English) who need a confidence boost!! Enjoy and leave your thoughts here, on Twitter, Facebook you name it!!

Dear English Major Post via Twitter

Dear English Major Post via Facebook

Additional Note: Dear English Major also has various resources, tips, interviews and more to inspire and enrich majors!!  Some examples include alternatives to graduate school, articles about blogging, freelance and so on. Check it out!! Hope it helps you as it’s helped me!!

Go to to learn more!!

P.S. Also, over the next few days, keep an eye out for new posts like Book of the Month where I spotlight a fav book I read during the past month and a poll where YOU decide the next book I should read now that I caught up and finished the other books I started!! (see Testimony of a Book Addict post)




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