A New Month, A New Start

Rainy Day walk a few months ago for a Photography Workshop I participated in

Today is September 1st. One month ends, another one begins.

I have been thinking a little bit today after visiting my college’s career center for advice on the job search. The job search, just like my writing at times, has been frustrating and hitting numerous dead ends. The dead ends can chip at your confidence, and, if you’re a person who feels things deeper than others, those minor setbacks can really throw you off of your game.

I have failed miserably the past few months in a number of ways. With my faith, my writing, my laziness in not doing my Hatha Yoga and getting exercise and committing to sitting my butt down at the pink chair by my desk and write.

Life is and always will be a roller coaster. It never stops with college, when you get married and have kids, cheering with friends and family after your first book becomes a bestseller…the bad, frustrating, heartache and shortcomings will continue. I admit the troubling times are lessons as a writer, and as a person, that I continue to struggle with. You feel after so much pain, setbacks, regrets and more you don’t deserve more issues. You want to feel retribution when others who wronged someone else backtrack and do a 180, acting like they always cared during the difficult times but never did.

These numerous thoughts began with a random visualization in my head two weeks ago. One Monday, I kept picturing myself back at my alma mater, Smith College. It was a couple years down the road from now, talking with some of my former professors and adviser in the English department. A group of students were expected to come listen to the lecture. I was the one giving the talk, about my work. My book. Talking with the students about writing, what writing has done for me as a person, my experiences at Smith and encouraging everyone present to follow their hearts and write. To be creative and never lose that.

That thought has been nagging at me ever since.

Credit: Free Range Stock at freereangestock.com

I am making some progress. One piece is an online course through Masterclass, an online education company offering and creating classes taught by the greats of our world. I’m currently taking the writing class taught by James Patterson (I will share my experience with the course as a whole in a future post). I participated in a three-part web series through The Write Practice about completing your book in 100 days. I’m making time to read books and pay more attention to what makes them great, or not as memorable.

So, on this 1st day of September, I hope to make new goals and take them more seriously:

  • sit at my desk and create a set number of words to achieve each day
  • enter more writing contests
  • keep reading books
  • work on that novel
  • grow in confidence
  • try to give feedback more to other writers whether it’d be in contests I participate in or in the Masterclass course
  • keep up this blog!!

What are your goals for September? Are you giving yourself, and your writing, a fresh start? What do you visualize down the road?

For those who are interested and want to learn more about The Write Practice and check out their posts, check out their website here!

Also, if you are new to this blog and want to check out my prior posts, or just want to read a post again, turn to the “Past Posts” page on the sidebar!



One thought on “A New Month, A New Start

  1. Hang in there Kristin. I have a lot of days like this, except I chose to forego traditional education (for now) and work full-time while trying to pursue writing “on the side.” It is so hard. Some things have to be sacrificed—like sleep and cleaning the house regularly. I wanted to start my novel’s revisions way back in August, but I realized that start dates and deadlines are self-imposed and I’m allowed to give myself a break or even *gasp* push the start date back. Which is what I did at the end of July because I was having All The Thoughts about Everything and I couldn’t just give myself One More Thing to do. So now it’s September and I’m using part of this Labor Day to figure out a revision schedule along with a blog-tember post-writing day. And it doesn’t feel overwhelming (yet). But when it does, I hope I can take a step back and just breathe a little bit. So, you’re doing it. Big Things are always accomplished by doing Little Things. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time 🙂


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