Haunted Story Time!!: Haunted Hotel Showcase Entry “Nature’s Call”

Would you dare to stay at the Thornewood, a seven story, 666 room hotel from the 1800s? Well, if you ask the protagonists of the stories and illustrations submitted for my friend Jolene Haley’s Haunted Hotel Showcase, the answers are numerous and vary by circumstance.

Today, my entry for this showcase: “Nature’s Call” has been posted and I wanted to share the story with all of you!! Here’s an excerpt:


She couldn’t contain the desire within her anymore like an animal wanting to break free, and that was when she found him. Sophie Roberts traveled to the Thornewood that day of her own accord, ignoring the stares and whispers following her out of town. She knew the stories, heard of them from the gossips in surrounding towns on her walks for water and supplies. The dead and unnatural not only lived in the infamous hotel in the middle of the New England countryside, but also controlled it. The beings were always driving out or imprisoning its living tenants in a war of violence and seduction that shook everyone to their very cores.

They said the 666 rooms were the cause of the chaos; the seven stories didn’t alleviate the evil within. Minor case studies of flying chairs escalated to vampires and werewolves raping the women and wives that occupied their spaces, the legends of mummies dragging witnesses of murder to their graves to bury their secrets and even a case of a dancer transforming to dying flesh and bones after teaching children how to do the waltz. She was always seen bribing the parents beforehand so they could be alone for a few hours and to keep them from knowing the truth.

If only the living stopped building rooms at 600, or less…

To read the rest of the story, click here!!

Thank you Jolene for another awesome showcase and it’s so great to see these starting up again!! Jolene, along with Kristen Jett from writing website Pen and Muse, helped put together other various writing showcases in the past including 12 Days of Christmas, Spring Fling and other horror themed showcases like Dark Carnival and Haunted House. If you would like to check out the other stories and illustrations from this showcase, you can check out the participant list here or Jolene’s website to scroll through for the stories that have no direct link on the participant list just yet.

Have a Happy Halloween!!


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