“The Christmas Party” Excerpt and You Have the Power to Vote for Your Favorite Story!!

This month, I entered another writing contest through The Write Practice called the Winter Writing Contest. Like prior contests I entered through this site and their collaboration with Short Fiction Break, there was a theme and word count limit. The word count had to be up to 1,500 words. The theme? 2 worlds. Two very different worlds coming together in whatever shape or form you could think of and write about such as the real v. the fantastical for example.

Just like prior contests too, you could opt to be published win or lose. I like that feature because even if you don’t win, you have an opportunity to build your writing credentials and get some of your work out there. I have found that option very unique when I’ve entered contests from them.

There is also something new with this year’s contest. Even though the winner won’t be chosen for another few weeks, you have the chance to vote for your story to win the Readers’ Choice Award. For those of you on Goodreads and for those who might have seen or been in similar contests, this might be familiar. You also can read a couple of the stories opposed to every single one and whichever one is your favorite, you can give them your vote! You can vote until midnight Pacific Time on Wednesday, January 4th.

Happy reading and voting!! To all my fellow writers around the world, I wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa and Happy Holidays!! Below is an excerpt of my entry, “The Christmas Party”:

He stops in front of a store closed down for the night, a digital counter marking down two days left until Christmas. Looking ahead, he sees the flashing lights of the fancier homes: Hollywood starlets and their eye candies celebrating the holidays. The endless amounts of drinks and merriment that would later cultivate in hangovers and migraines.

Even more things John could do without. Sirens blare as he crosses the street to the little restaurant in the corner.

He prayed to himself that the celebrities in their ritzy homes were having a better time than he was.

  • ●●

“I can’t believe I’m even going to this party,” Carla Simmons mumbles to herself stepping out of her luxury limo wearing a light blue coat with white faux fur over a dark red dress. Her tight auburn haired updo was accessorized with a diamond hairclip from her mother; an early Christmas gift for her upcoming album release getting such rave reviews.

“Nothing’s too expensive for my Carly,” her mother cooed when she opened the box.

Carla shivers at the memory. As the butler shows her inside Oliver Blanchard’s house, she sees Hollywood’s latest IT girl, Melody, scream at a caterer.

“I told Oliver I was allergic to peanuts! Clearly, you missed the memo and tried to poison me!” she screams. “Take that back and fix it!!”

“Yes ma’am,” the caterer shudders.

Carla’s eyes narrow in disgust. “Hey, that’s not how you speak to a caterer.”

Melody spun on her heels. “Oh Carla Simmons!” she claps gleefully as the caterer slips away. “I didn’t see you there! You should have seen—”

“How dare you speak to a man that way. Next time show a little class and humility before you crash and burn like everyone before you.”

Read the rest here!




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