The Writer’s Dreams: New Domain, So Far So Good and More

Writing is important, written or typed

Every time I sit at my desk, I look up at the shelf above me, seeing the numerous books I have loved, read and collected over the years. Books that have influenced where I am today and ones that have yet to be opened…hoping one day I will see my own book in a bookstore.

Before I go on, you might have noticed I changed my domain name to This is to give my blog a more professional, serious approach to my work. Everything from the prior domain is here and accounted for!

I was inspired to do this change from a podcast called Write Now, run by writer and Forbes Contributor Sarah Werner. I found a post in my inbox one morning about her latest episode and bookmarked it for later use. I finally listened to the episode last night, which was about personal branding. I found the podcast inspiring, humorous, encouraging and comforting. One of Sarah’s tips was about social media and blogging; when she talked about the domain name for her website, I decided my own blog needed a little tweak.Other recent podcast episodes include Introvert and Extrovert Writers (which I plan to listen to), How Important is Networking for Writers and Should I Use a Pen Name?, to name a few. She also has a podcast called Coffee Break where she interviews fellow writers. It’s worth checking out!

Here’s the link!

I also have an update on giving up Twitter for Lent that I wrote about last week. It is going GREAT. SUCH a great decision and it’s really refreshing to not check my Twitter feed on my phone so much. It’s also been nice to not care about what’s trending, reading the sometimes outrageous things people say and getting annoyed with things I don’t like. The break has also given me more time to sit down with more books! Now I just need to better incorporate some writing time…

Anyway, I have been thinking a lot. I decided to unsubscribe from a writing community, I checked out a local writers group and I’ve decided to go to a local book festival coming up in April. For those of you who live in Massachusetts, it’s called Easthampton BookFest and was launched back in 2015. Really nice to see more local book festivals popping up! Go to one if you can!

Heh, I’m all over the place tonight huh? I guess that’s what thinking does to you. Your mind goes off on so many tangents that you lose track of what you were thinking about.

…trying to find work really makes writing harder. You need an income and, of course, need to make the time. I have been losing myself, my faith and dreams for quite a while now. But slowly, I am waking up and thinking critically about my decisions, what I read, listen to and want to focus on. These ideas truly are all a part of growing up.

I do have an internship that I’ve started this week, and it has brought me joy. I really believe that’s the secret when things are so bad in life. You are looking for that joy, feeling it and making sure you’re doing what you love in any aspect that you can.

I am only 23, trying to find my heart in writing again, figuring out and fearing where my life may go next and been frustrated with the way things have been. I don’t deny that I could have made different choices: spent more time writing, not holding in my feelings, being honest with myself, distancing myself from things that only aggravate me and not motivate me. I can only do my best…

…and pray I will find my way.

My dreams, writing or otherwise, aren’t dead yet. They still have some life left…and I pray that your dreams, fellow writers, do too.


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