Breakdown to Breakthrough: Writing, Indie Bookstore Day and Turning to Faith

The tree in my front yard 

As the month of April wraps up, the flowers are beginning to bloom. I woke up this morning to see the tree in my front yard blossom to life with pink! I always liked spring for this reason: new beginnings, the winter thaw and the end of hard periods in life.

Today is Independent Bookstore Day. Falling on the last Saturday of April, indie bookstores around the country are celebrating with readings, parties, discounts, exclusive items for sale and so much more. My final two years of college were spent in indie bookstores: perusing their shelves, finding books that I would come to love and a sanctuary from the craziness of college life. If I didn’t have so many books, I would be at one of them today. I am forever grateful for these bookstores for what they do.

Here are the books I’ve found at Indie Bookstores

Can’t forget the notebooks too: a tool every writer needs! (Pardon the lighting)


This week was both a breakdown, and a breakthrough. My biggest frustration of late has been not writing for four months. The last thing written was a short story back in December. I have been writing posts on here of course, but it’s not the same. Writing should bring you joy, not misery.

Other things in my life also culminated in my breakdown a few nights ago. On my knees by my bed crying to God, wanting to scream but couldn’t so I didn’t wake up my parents. Tears and everything.

“Pens” by Bradley Strong; Image taken from

But I am reminded of something regarding breakdowns: they lead to a breakthrough. Two days before, it was around eight at night. Having completed my unpaid internship work for the day, nothing on TV, talking with a friend on Twitter and watching my favorite musician’s latest Facebook Live, I found myself opening a Word document.

I started typing. 500 words to be exact.

I wanted to cry. I thanked God twice. I was writing again.

I didn’t stop there either. The next two days, I was at my desk, typing. It was random, didn’t make sense, some of it was fanfiction.

But I was finally getting a habit in motion. 500 words a day, no more or less. Three or four times a week I will sit down at my desk at 8 p.m., writing 500 words. Being a fast typist, it doesn’t even take me an hour! Sometimes less than a half hour.

For now, I’m just establishing my writing time, no exact project in mind. But after maybe a few weeks, I will start one.

Never stop writing. We all have those dark periods where we can’t think of ANYTHING. I even signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo this year to try and get the juices going. But it didn’t.

It wasn’t until I showed up, as many writers and bloggers say, that the writing came. Smoothly, quickly and happily.

If you were/are in a similar dark period like I was, please don’t stop writing. Give yourself time to read a good book and focus on other interests. I truly believe the writing NEVER leaves you.

It’s always there, waiting for you to arrive.


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