Reflecting on Last Night’s Events in Manchester, England

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I have always been a firm believer in writing being an outlet for people to express themselves when words, sometimes, cannot be spoken. I hope, and pray, that I do God and everyone who reads this well. I also want to mention another blog post from someone I know on Twitter named Chelsy, who also responded to last night’s tragedy. You can check out her thoughts here.

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As many of you know, a terrorist attack happened in Manchester last night after Ariana Grande’s concert. 22 people dead, scores more wounded. There are people still missing as families try to reunite with their loved ones. Some answers are still unclear. As I write this…I still find it hard to articulate how I’m feeling. I am angry, gutted, heartbroken, sad…and shaken. I thought about the fans and their families. I thought about Ariana Grande. I thought about fellow concertgoers around the world. Young people–my age!–, teenagers, their parents just at a concert having fun. Music is a universal language that no matter who you are or where you come from, you are loved, you matter and are heard.

That peace was shattered last night.

NO ONE should ever have to worry about their child when they go to a concert with friends and family. NO ONE should ever have to worry about what might happen when they see their favorite artist.

…we all deserve to be, and feel, safe.

As I went to bed, I struggled to pray. I couldn’t play music to fall asleep. I wasn’t even in the mood to watch Jimmy Fallon and laugh to escape the troubles of life for a while.

Even today…it just doesn’t feel real.

As some of you may know, David Archuleta is my favorite artist. He is also my role model. His EP, Orion, was released just a couple days ago. His upcoming tour begins next week. I am worried and anxious: for him, his team, his band, and my fellow fans. I can imagine they are as well.

This morning, my phone went off as he shared his thoughts on what happened in a series of tweets.

I cried.

What David wrote…comforted me. A lot. Especially when he talked about the desire for revenge and wanting to strike back. That hit me right in the gut. I was especially touched to see him also take the time to respond to a fan who felt like she didn’t have anyone to talk to sometimes:

I wanted to share his response for the reason that there is still good in this world, but also the relationship between an artist and their fans…is a powerful, meaningful thing. I cannot imagine what Ariana Grande must be going through after what happened to her fans last night. There are no words frankly.

Fan of Ariana or not, you can relate because you are a fan of an artist you truly love and care for and go to their concerts. As I said earlier in this post, music is universal.

It is where we all connect.

I want to close my thoughts with a prayer, if that is okay.

Dear God, please be with the victims and survivors of last night’s bombing in Manchester. Be with the families who are grieving, still searching for a missing loved one and trying to comprehend this horrendous event. Enfold them in your arms and give them peace; bring them comfort and people to help them move forward as best they can

Please be with the staff at Manchester Arena as they try to make sense of this tragedy. Help them express whatever emotions they may be feeling whether it’d be anger or sorrow. Send their loved ones to be with them during this difficult time.

Please be with Ariana Grande, her team and fanbase. This is heartbreaking to them as well, what has happened. Hold them tight. Assure Ariana that she is not at fault in any way for what happened. Be with her fans as they mourn fellow fans and friends who passed way too soon and comfort those who are still injured in hospital and in shock and grief themselves. This is a time to unite and be there for each other. 

Please be with the artists who have concerts and tours in progress or about to begin, including David next week. Keep them safe as they travel, perform and do what they love as they bring joy, comfort and entertainment to their fans. 

And lastly, please be with the world. We need You more than we know…and it is through You and one another that we can achieve peace. For one day, let us be together and not judge because we don’t like this or that person or the politics in this complex world. This is a time for compassion and unity, not hate and condemnation.

In Jesus’s name, we pray.



One Year Anniversary…Or Close to It Haha: Reflections and Lessons

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I can’t believe it has been almost a year since I launched this blog!! How time flies!

I want to take a moment to thank you all who have checked out, shared and took the time out of your busy schedules to read my blog.

So what would you like to see me do next here? I am open to suggestions!

Blogging was something I’d never thought I’d do for a number of reasons: what people might say, the stories I share, my faith, etc. I do wish this blog got more comments, but hopefully as I improve my skills that can make things interesting.

I have some things I still need to work on such as trying to do posts ahead of time so they can post on their own opposed to manually doing it myself, maybe share some of my works-in-progress and not just talking about articles that catch my eye from various magazines and stuff.

So what do you wanna see? Let me know and may The Writer’s Soul continue to shine!