#CopyPasteCris: A Follow-Up

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Another new thing for me: doing follow-ups on posts where I discuss something. I’ve also experienced a very difficult period in the last few weeks of struggling to write outside of the blog, book reviews, and things with work. NOTHING has entered my mind, which I guess makes this current #CopyPasteCris story even more frustrating for me.

The Latest

  • The book list count now stands at 67 (an increase of 25 books!!)
  • 35 authors have been listed with books plagiarized (some with MULTIPLE BOOKS!)
  • Serruya briefly returned to Twitter and disappeared once again

authors fighting back…

Many of you have probably been reading posts similar to mine discussing #CopyPasteCris or following the controversy closely on social media. Besides expressing outrage, I’ve seen authors coming together to support one another whether by keeping active lists of projects stolen (as blog Caffeinated Fae has been doing since the story first broke) or sharing links to purchasing books by the authors who’ve been plagiarized so more energy can go into supporting them. Other authors are also going through books themselves to track down more copied passages. As you may recall, the controversy became public knowledge thanks to an observant reader. Don’t underestimate readers with a good eye, folks!

That’s what I want to focus on this time around: authors coming together to support each other while also making sure everyone who was copied gets justice. Maybe that will give me hope in writing again because honestly? This scandal has made it harder to write altogether.

…But i’m Feeling disheartened

This episode has made me even more protective of my work. I don’t want to share anything publicly going forward and am even considering taking down my portfolio on this blog. Supposed “authors” like Serruya have ruined writing for me. That she also had the nerve to come back on Twitter while this is still unfolding is infuriating (she has since deleted her account again).

It’s hard for me to wrap my mind around these feelings because writing is my passion and makes me happy. I also hope my writing makes others happy in return. But when things like this happen, you seriously question why you’re in the field to begin with and if you can even do it anymore.

Last week, I couldn’t write a thing for this blog. Nothing entered my heart. I don’t say head because even though ideas come from the brain, ideas also come from my heart so they can be expressed properly. Not being able to do that?

That was painful.

What happens now?

I wouldn’t be surprised if more books are added to the list. The controversy may go into the background as more headlines grab our attention. But behind the scenes, I believe things are only just beginning. I don’t know if this scandal will change the book industry as a whole. However, it has brought some serious things to the public’s attention about plagiarism and the things people do to get ahead.

I pray I find my way with writing again as I sort through my own feelings about this. Also, anyone who decides to copy and paste MY WORK (I’m looking at you, Serruya), you will be dealing with me.

To all who are helping our fellow writers right now, thank you and keep up the great work! Please keep sharing buy links so we can support these authors any way we can. I’ve included a link to the books courtesy of Caffeinated Fae’s blog.

Writing should leave people inspired, laughing, crying, wanting to take action, and more. Let’s keep doing that whether it’s through novels, short stories, poetry, nonfiction, you name it.

We have a lot to share, and so do I.

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