A Solemn Update

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I am aware of going silent in the past few weeks. I’m sorry to say that my writing lost its confidence, and this week has been quite rough personally. I will not disclose the details right now, but maybe at a later date.

I think there are two things all writers struggle with: change and comparing the self to others. With change, that could be changing how we wrote before, changing genres, changing forms of writing (for example, if you’re a poet but want to try writing fiction). Change can be a gift, but also a curse because we always fear the unknown. Change can also be difficult to adjust to because we get so used to our routines.

With comparing the self to others, it’s when we see people who have great things happen for them, while we struggle. The thing is, though? We are all on different paths, so are we to judge those who find success? It’s hard I know because I’ve had my shortcomings when I see people get stories, book deals, and the like. But that should be motivation for us to do and be better. That’s something I, along with those reading here, still have to learn.

On other note, there were some recent updates on #CopyPasteCris:

  • Nora Roberts suing the author for claims of plagiarism (as of this writing, the copyrights and sales on the author’s books have been suspended by Brazilian court)
  • Updated plagiarized work count: 95 books, 43 authors, 3 articles, 3 websites, and 2 recipes (Courtesy: Caffeinated Fae)

I hope you all have a Happy Mother’s Day tomorrow!

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