Where Does Faith Fit In?


I am a born again Christian who was raised Catholic. I left religion for personal reasons and didn’t attend church for almost ten years because of struggles in my heart spiritually. At 15, I decided to return to God and have been attending church full time again since I was 19 years old, before entering my first year of college. I still have days where I question faith and have a broken heart that has so much difficulty understanding the heartaches of this world. But, thanks to friends and mentors, whether they be pastors or your favorite musician who wears his love for God on his sleeve (i.e. David Archuleta haha), I find clarity and a sense of grounding when I feel troubled.

I consider myself more of a spiritual woman than religious, but respect and love learning about other faiths and the people who believe them.

I’m not going to lie, I’m still trying to understand where faith fits in with my writing. I have read books like An Idiot’s Guide to Writing Christian Fiction and Writing the Christian Romance; books that help me further appreciate the spiritual aspects of writing and understanding the connections that led me to books from authors such as Karen Kingsbury, Becky Wade, Rachel Hauck, Kathryn Springer and more!

But faith is just one part of who I am as a writer. It’s one part that changes as my tastes in books, music and clothing change but still means a lot to me. I love a good classic (anything by the Brontë sisters), Nicholas Sparks’s novels, books about creativity by Austin Kleon and recent bestsellers are also a part of my book collection.

Faith in God fits in for me as a sense of purpose, a mission to give back to my love of books by using writing to spread love and compassion for others. Faith in myself follows.

I’m still a work in progress. But with faith in God, I can get better, and do great for so many who need it right now.

I’ll find my way, and you will too 🙂