Why I Write

Reading Wilkie Collins' The Moonstone
Reading Wilkie Collins’ The Moonstone

Every single writer, no matter the age, sexual orientation, gender, religion or other belief struggles with inspiration and trying to hold on to creativity when life gets in the way. As someone who recently lost her confidence as a writer during my final year of college in Fall 2015, the doubts, fears and anxieties become difficult to bear and make you truly question if you are a writer, a good one even. You also wonder after doubt and slumps if you could ever find your voice in your craft ever again. The purpose of this site, besides sharing some of my work from articles to creative activities, is to document and share my experiences as a writer continuing to find her voice post-college, building her platform to glorify God and inspiring fellow writers no matter the stage.

I hope for those reading this site comfort and wisdom will be gained from these pages, That the voices can keep speaking when the creative process gets tough. To get back up when rejections make you doubt yourself. To hold on to faith, whether in God, yourself or any way you worship and believe in your voice, craft and gift. As the old saying goes, “Everyone has a story.”

So does every writer. Tell the stories inside your heart; the world needs to hear them.

I have grown to believe over the years words have power and books change lives. Healing and hope can be found in a single paragraph, page or chapter of a piece. As I try to assess this idea over and over again, I hope and pray you too can find your niche and purpose to write for the masses.

Use whatever you have. You have a story people desperately need, especially in these recently troubling times. Write it.