April’s Book of the Month: Private: The Royals by James Patterson and Rees Jones

I decided to feature another BookShot from James Patterson for this month. The reason? This particular one has become my new favorite, and, I think one of the best I’ve read so far.

I Have Read The Following BookShots For Those Who Are Interested:

  • The McCullagh Inn in Maine
  • The Trial
  • Sacking the Quarterback
  • Learning to Ride

I briefly read Little Black Dress, but stopped after a few pages. Wasn’t too crazy about it. The next one on my list is Taking the Titanic.

So what is this new favorite?

Credit: Image from Amazon.com

Private: The Royals revolves around Private, an elite detective agency headed by Jack Morgan, a former U.S. Marine. While in London to attend the Trooping the Colour Parade and check in on the London branch run by Peter Knight, a member of the royal family with a checkered past is kidnapped for ransom. If the ransom is not paid, she will be executed in front of the Queen and many spectators during the parade. To find her in time, Morgan, Knight, Major Jane Cook of the Royal Horse Artillery and a veteran, and the Private team have to navigate twists and turns, issues of greed and power and everything-in-between.

I remember a lesson from Mr. Patterson’s MasterClass discussing how the first line of a story can either draw your reader in, or make them put the book down without a second thought.

You won’t put this one down, and it just takes three words to get you sucked into this world. The pace is excellent, the plot twists are genius and the characters are quite shocking and, at times, entertaining. You will be in for quite the ride as you go through this BookShot. The story itself is really the best part as this kidnapping unfolds into something even messier than you would have thought. Plus, characters like Jeremy “Hooligan” Crawford will make you chuckle (for some reason the character interactions of the Private team reminded me of the characters on the recently concluded Bones).

As some of you know, I’m more of a romance fan when it comes to books. But, I have always been a big crime junkie. Thank various shows on Investigation Discovery, classics like Cold Case and Law and Order and some episodes of 48 Hours and Dateline from time to time and watching America’s Most Wanted when I probably shouldn’t have as a kid haha!

If you want a short, quick, crazy thriller and mystery, pick up this book. You will still feel the punches that you would find in a longer, and bigger, plot.

As for Rees Jones, the co-author? He is an ex-soldier who served in Iraq and Afghanistan that also goes by the name Geriant Jones. For his actions in Iraq, Jones received the General Officer Commanding Award for Gallantry. His latest book, a solo novel called Blood Forest, was just released in the UK and will come out elsewhere this year. He also wrote another BookShot with James Patterson called Heist. Thank Mr. Jones for his service and give him a follow on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

I also have to make sure to mention this text is part of the Private series at #12.5.

Happy reading!


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