February’s Book of the Month: A Writer’s Guide to Persistence by Jordan Rosenfeld


Credit: Image from Amazon.com

I wanted to try something different with this month’s Book Pick. The books we read for pleasure are one half of being a writer. But, sometimes you read a really great writing book that you just want to share with others. A Writer’s Guide to Persistence by Jordan Rosenfeld is one of those books.

I got this book two Christmases ago before finishing college. The picture of the tree with the growing roots popped out at me when I saw it on Writer’s Digest Shop. It unfortunately took me over a year to finally sit down with it and read because life, school and everything else distracted me and got in the way. I never gave myself the time to sit down and read.

Since finishing college, I’m starting to again.

Rosenfeld’s book is gentle, encouraging and empowering no matter what your writing stage: emerging, experienced or established. Filled with 25 lessons split into three parts: Practice, Polish, Persist sounds just like the writing practice itself doesn’t it? You practice and get better, you polish your work…but you have to persist and keep going when you struggle to write, face rejection after rejection or lose your confidence in yourself.Another great anecdote are the exercises at the end of each chapter: work it and move it. Work It exercises help you confront your fears, better understand your identity as a writer and work on your craft. Move It involves physical breaks like Yoga, traveling somewhere with notebook in hand and just walking around to a favorite place to be alone and write.

Every single chapter had me underlining something with my pen that I will return to later. This is more than just a writing book telling you how to write, but to keep writing when you feel you can’t and lose purpose for a while. I felt myself regaining pieces of confidence with each chapter. I remembered that I can do it. The blowbacks should make us try harder and we should never give up trying.

Because we have a lot to say and contribute to the world through our words.

Please writers, take a minute to check out this amazing writing guide. You will feel understood, your hope and confidence soar again and feel reassurance that you are not alone in your struggles with writing.

Jordan Rosenfeld has written other writing guide books too including Make a Scene, Writing Deep Scenes and Write Free. She also has novels Woman in Red and Night Oracle. You can check out her website and other books here!


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