June Book of the Month: A Broken Kind of Beautiful by Katie Ganshert

A Broken Kind of Beautiful
Credit: Image from Amazon.com

This first edition of Book of the Month has taken some time and should have been done sooner. But then I forgot about it, and eventually I had to choose between the three most recent books I finally finished.

Here’s why I chose A Broken Kind of Beautiful by Katie Ganshert.

As I’ve mentioned before, the story and cover draw me to checking out a book. The cover first caught my eye when I was looking for new books and authors to read two years ago: this young woman, in a white dress, by the beach looking towards the ocean. The title, A Broken Kind of Beautiful, was intriguing in a new glimpse about beauty and brokenness. The story piqued my interest, even though I have no background or much interest in the fashion industry. It’s interesting to say the least, because books with premises outside of my interests and comfort zones turn out not only being powerful works, but create astounding connections between the characters and the reader that make you realize how much we all hurt and struggle with who we are and really want for our lives and God.

Without spoiling the entire book, here’s the main premise: A fashion model named Ivy Clark nears the end of her modeling career, but is given the opportunity to model her stepmother Marilyn’s wedding dresses for a magazine. At the same time, Davis Knight, her photographer catches her attention because he resists her attempts to seduce him along with being different from men she’s known in the fashion world. When they spend time in South Carolina, secrets, love, questions of self-worth, changes of heart and life-changing experiences come to the surface.

This book evaded me for a long time because it was never in stock at my local Barnes and Noble and I kept forgetting to add it to my birthday and Christmas lists. This past January, I finally got it and when I finally had time to read the whole thing through, I was left impressed, stunned, heartbroken and amazed. One of the discussion questions at the end of the novel asked about Ivy Clark not being the typical Christian heroine and if you liked her or not and why. That question stayed with me as I read chapter by chapter. There were moments where I hated Ivy and her behavior, but she warmed to me as I saw compassionate, honest and broken sides of her. Ganshert’s intricate weaving of the complex sides of not just Ivy, but also Davis and Marilyn, left their mark. Ganshert captured the complexity and hidden beauty and scars of these characters in a heart-pounding way through tension and heartbreaking scenes coming to a head. She not only has a way with words in her novels, but with strong character developments and unique plot lines.

This is a book I guarantee you will want to read again, because I definitely plan to myself.

If you want to read more amazing novels by Katie Ganshert, check out her most recent book, The Art of Losing Yourself. I received that book for my birthday last year and it was incredible!  Other books include The Gifting series, Wishing on WillowsWildflowers from Winter and more!!

Here is her website if you want to learn more about Katie Ganshert: http://katieganshert.com/