June’s/July’s Book of the Month Pick: 100 Things Every Writer Needs to Know by Scott Edelstein

After a busy June and just as hectic July, I managed to get my latest book pick done! Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding.

Without any further delay, here is my Book of the Month Pick for June and July.

100 things writing
Image: Amazon.com

100 Things Every Writer Needs to Know by Scott Edelstein :).

It’s interesting how you stumble upon certain books sometimes. You see, when I was at the library for a few hours a couple weeks ago, I was downstairs in the Reference Section and decided to look up some writing books for inspiration. I was in a slump emotionally and creatively, hoping a book would raise my spirits a little. I was actually looking for another writing book I wanted to check out, but for some reason couldn’t track down even though the online catalog said it was available.

Then I found this book, feeling I was meant to find and read this one instead.

Edelstein’s book is pretty straight-forward and whether you’re a beginner, expert or interested in writing there’s something everyone can take away from it. From encouragement about writing because you love it and getting in touch with what inspires you, there are so many opportunities to refresh your memory, better your writing skills and gain a deeper understanding of what the writing life is really all about.

Another great thing about this book is the authenticity of the writing life: one page was about how it’s not as glamorous as it appears, another talks about ignoring the nit-picker and perfectionist in your head (something I know all too well from my own writing). Other standouts include being rejected most of the time (unless you’re famous), everyone has a unique process for their writing, asking yourself honestly what you want out of your writing and following that desire, and never throw away what your write. Each page was short, sweet and to the point without any excessive jargon. Every word counted and left you with something to consider for yourself and writing life.

I have highlighted a writing book or two in prior picks, or talked about them in past blog posts, but I found this one motivating and educational. As I mentioned earlier, some tidbits were refreshers for me like write what you love to read, show rather than tell and avoiding scams from “publishers” and “agents” who want money to publish your work. The co-publishing arrangements and vanity presses warnings, though, I found helpful because I didn’t know much about those things. That’s why you shouldn’t entirely disregard writing books that contain things you might already know; because you might also miss some critical points that will protect you and your work. You never know what you’ll learn exploring different writing books. Never hurts to be open to any book you come across, especially when you were looking for something entirely different.

Again, writing books can help you out a bit. But I understand that it may not be for everyone. That’s why you explore and take the advice you really need and ignore the tips you don’t need. If this book helps you, wonderful! If not, don’t give up. Keep looking until you find the right resource for you or consider something else entirely that makes a huge difference too.

Happy reading, friends!