May’s Book of the Month: Her One and Only by Becky Wade

Whew, thought I wouldn’t get a book finished in time this month but I just made it!

So, what’s my book pick for May?

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Her One and Only by Becky Wade!! This book is kind of nostalgic because this concludes the Porter Family series. I fell in love with this family ever since I picked up the first book, Undeniably Yours, back in 2013. I usually don’t read a lot of series collections with the exception of the Twilight series (yep, I was into that lol) and the Royal Wedding series by Rachel Hauck. Most of the time, I don’t complete a series or just stick with one or two books I REALLY like.

That’s why I’m choosing this book: this series, as a whole, is special.

Besides Undeniably Yours, the other books are Meant to Be Mine, A Love Like Ours and The Proposal: A Christmas Short Story. Other books include her awesome debut, My Stubborn Heart, novella Love in the Details and her latest book, True to You, book one of the Bradford Sisters series. You can check out her website here!

Here’s a breakdown of the Porter Family series and which characters are at the center:

  • Undeniably Yours: Meg Cole and Bo Porter
  • Meant to Be Mine: Celia Park and Ty Porter
  • A Love Like Ours: Lyndie James and Jake Porter
  • The Proposal: A Christmas Short Story: Amber Richardson and Will McGrath (these two are lovable, secondary characters that have appeared throughout the series)
  • Her One and Only: Dru Porter and Gray Fowler

Her One and Only focuses on the youngest Porter sibling, Dru, a former Marine and executive protective agent/bodyguard assigned to protect NFL star Gray Fowler after he receives threatening letters from a stalker. If you’ve seen the film The Bodyguard starring Kevin Costner and the late Whitney Houston, this plot might sound familiar. But this story is one of Wade’s own unique, heartwarming, comedic and at times suspenseful creations.

Like Frank Farmer and Rachel Marron–not gonna lie I kept picturing the film characters as I read this haha–, Dru and Gray butt heads quite a bit. She’s an independent, blunt and spunky woman trying to redeem herself after her prior assignment. He’s a stubborn, strong and heart of gold tight end for the fictitious Dallas Mustangs. There’s just one problem that becomes a blessing:

Pure chemistry leading to something deeper down the road.

As the investigation into Gray’s stalker goes on, we have a few subplots: the Porter brothers’s hatred for the Mustangs as they are die-hard Dallas Cowboys fans and their relationship with their baby sister, the conclusion of Meg’s character arc that began in the very first book and Dru’s neighbor, Augustine, seeking out the ex-husband who abandoned her years before. We also learn about Gray’s past and family, which will later become important to the plot as a whole. Plus, some secondary characters that made appearances throughout the series return!

Becky Wade NEVER disappoints when I read her books. The character development, entertaining and relatable personalities of all her characters, the romance and focus on God left you more than just yearning for a romance like these couples have, but also left you feeling inspired. I also felt she did a great job with the suspense; I was QUITE surprised when the stalker was revealed. The plot twists and cliffhangers at some moments were well done and kept the plot moving smoothly.

A quite EXCELLENT conclusion to an awesome series. I can’t wait to reread it again and again in the years to come!