March’s Book of the Month: Stars Collide by Janice Thompson

Happy March and hopefully spring comes soon! Anyone else sick of the snow? Hope if you dealt with the late winter storm from Tuesday like I have that you are safe, warm and recovering!!

Time for March’s Book of the Month!!

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This month I went through my unread eBooks and found Stars Collide, the first novel in Janice Thompson’s Backstage Pass series. This was one of the very first eBooks I picked up and finally sat down to read during these bitterly cold and snowy past couple of days.

Stars Collide is about Kat Jennings, a television actress with a broken past and her co-star, the down to earth and very sweet actor Scott Murphy. They both star in Stars Collide, a television sitcom about two talent agents running their own agency. They are also secretly in love with each other…both on screen and in real life. But the lines between reality and fiction begin to blur in more ways than one after a proposal scene for their show is mistaken by Kat’s eccentric and entertaining grandma, 50s legendary actress Lenora Worth, for the real thing.

Soon, heartwarming, shocking and at times comedic results follow the main characters as they navigate change, fame and letting go of the past in the first of three books taking place in Hollywood.

I found this book refreshing, hilarious and pretty clean. I know a big issue that comes up with Christian fiction novels (yeah, this is one of those books) is one can become too preachy for its own good. Add in the backdrop of Hollywood where many of us know scandal, controversy and pretty crazy things happen and it might be easy to assume you will be preached at. But, from page one I didn’t feel that. Instead, it was nice to see real, Christian people who work in Hollywood struggling with past mistakes, family issues and ageism. Helps you see a little more that the actors, singers we all love and admire are human and struggle just like the rest of us. I was reminded of another book I’ve read that touched on the issues of fame and stardom: Karen Kingsbury’s Fifteen Minutes, one of her more recent novels. That book was grittier; Stars Collide is more lighthearted, which I appreciated. It’s nice to read a book that isn’t so serious all the time! There were serious moments in this novel, but they perfectly balanced with the comedic anecdotes.You will definitely laugh out loud at Lenora, go aaaww at Kat and Scott, grow annoyed with the realities of Hollywood making their appearances and touched at the moments where you remember God writes the script of our lives and sends us his very best just when we need it most.

Definitely give this book a try! I’m debating on checking out the second and third books, Hello! Hollywood and The Director’s Cut, only because I have too many to read and catch up on at the moment haha! I will eventually though…

Besides the Backstage Pass series, Janice Thompson’s other books and series sets include the Brides With Style series, the Texas Wedding Collection, stand-alone books like Starry, Starry Knight and Return to Sender, various short story collections, numerous nonfiction books and also novels for children! Head on over to her website to check them out!

Happy reading!!

P.S. I am also currently reading Jane Steele by Lyndsay Faye, a murderous re-imagining of the classic Charlotte Brontë novel Jane Eyre. It is EXQUISITE. Check that one out too!!